Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Filter Bags Type GN ·  4 Pack
Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Filter Bags Type GN ·  4 Pack

Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Filter Bags Type GN · 4 Pack

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The Miele3D Efficiency Filter Bags Type GN 4 Pack comes complete with (4) AirClean 3D Efficiency GN Bags and (2) Pre Motor Filters.

The Miele GN bags available on today’s market are an improved version of the HyClean and Intensive Clean bags offered by Miele. The dust bag plays an essential part in the filtration performance of a vacuum cleaner, but this particular model is beyond reproach, having a few features that make its performance memorable.

The 4.76-quart Miele GN bags retain any kind of pollutants that can affect one’s respiratory activity with their innovative technology that focuses on an automatic collar and a plastic flap that ensures their air-tightness. Their flap opens under the pressure of the suction hose connector, thus allowing the air to reach inside. The same thing happens when the dust bags are replaced. Otherwise, their collar blocks the air inside through its special seal.

These dust bags are protected by this special netting fitted on the inside and outside walls which prevents them from tearing when subjected to high pressure and a series of fibers. Thus, the risk of the dust bags to explode while cleaning is lowered to zero. The airflow guides increase the capacity of these dust bags by almost 25%, thus also increasing their durability. In addition to this, they protect the dust bags against the action of sharp objects.

Miele GN Bags Features

  • Filters More Than 99.9% of All Dust Particles
  • Highest Level of Efficiency
  • Maximum Utilization of the Full Bag Capacity
  • Clean Bag Replacement Thanks to Automatic Bag Closure

Designed To Fit The Following Miele Models

  • S400 Series
  • S600 Series
  • S2000 Series
  • S5000 Series
  • S8000 Series
  • Classic C1 Series
  • Complete C3 Series
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