Miele AirClean Filter Bags Type FJM ·  8 Pack
Miele AirClean Filter Bags Type FJM ·  8 Pack

Miele AirClean Filter Bags Type FJM · 8 Pack

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The Miele 10455190 FJM XL Pack comes complete with (8) AirClean 3D Efficiency FJM Bags, (2) Pre Motor Filters, and (2) Super AirClean Filters.

The innovation Miele came up with in terms of filtration systems has worked wonders ever since the release of the system on the market, having a high air cleanliness rate, a special seal system, and very durable components. This innovative system is known as the Air Clean sealed system and it also includes the Miele FJM dust bags.

Designed by Miele to replace the FJM Intensive Clean and HyClean bags, these FJM dust bags are compatible with a vast collection of Miele vacuum cleaners, more precisely the S2, S3, S5, and S6 series. In the standard FJM package, there is a motor filter, a Super Air Clean filter and four such dust bags. As for the Air Clean technology itself, the air enters the dust bag through a self-sealing collar and a nine-layer filtration bag protected by mesh and finally exits through the exhaust filter.

Miele FJM Bags Features

  • Filters More Than 99.9% of All Dust Particles
  • Highest Level of Efficiency
  • Maximum Utilization of the Full Bag Capacity
  • Clean Bag Replacement Thanks to Automatic Bag Closure

Designed to Fit the Following Miele Models

  • S200 Series
  • S300 Series
  • S500 Series
  • S700 Series
  • S4000 Series
  • S6000 Series
  • Compact C2 Series
  • Compact C1 Series
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